A recent study revealed what many families already know to be true: the majority of seniors prefer to remain in their homes, even after they begin to have difficulty managing daily activities. For loved ones trying to balance their senior adult’s desire for independence with concerns for their wellbeing, home care can be an ideal arrangement. 

The benefits of in-home care aren’t limited to medication management and fall prevention. Mounting evidence suggests that meeting seniors’ needs in an environment that honors their autonomy and preserves their memories can make a positive impact on their longevity and quality of life. 

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Home care keeps seniors out of the hospital.

In-home caregivers aren’t just a lifeline for seniors in the event of an emergency. They can help seniors manage discharge instructions, medication regimes, and dietary recommendations to prevent health complications before they start. 

For aging adults, one medical emergency can quickly contribute to an overall decline in health. Seniors who transition back home following a hospital stay are prone to medication errors, falls, and infections. Fortunately, home care has been shown to significantly reduce hospital readmission and all-cause mortality after the patient returns home.

Home care can mitigate the risk of COVID-19 associated with congregate living.

As the COVID-19 pandemic wears on, assisted living and residential nursing facilities remain particularly vulnerable. Older adults living in close quarters are at high risk for infection, and viral outbreaks in facilities can result in changes to visitation policies and residents’ access to amenities. Home care is a fantastic option for seniors who want a helping hand without the risks of communal assisted living.

Home care helps seniors with dementia thrive.

Adults with Alzheimer’s and dementia may derive additional benefits from home care. Loneliness and isolation have been shown to exacerbate cognitive decline, making symptoms more pronounced. In-home assistance from a friendly, compassionate caregiver can offer seniors companionship in the context of an environment that feels safe and familiar. 

For seniors living with dementia, daily routines and regular mental stimulation are highly important. Home care is a fantastic way to offer these adults independence while ensuring their safety.

Home care meets seniors’ emotional needs. Senior care multi generation hand holding

Meaningful, interpersonal connections can certainly improve the quality of our lives, but did you know they help us live longer?

Senior adults who are no longer comfortable driving or managing errands unassisted often contend with a sense of isolation. They may miss their favorite social activities deeply, and struggle with feeling dependent on friends and family.

Home caregivers can be a fantastic resource for keeping seniors connected to the people and places they love. Caregivers not only provide seniors with companionship in their homes; they may also help facilitate socialization and outings. Older adults who continue to pursue hobbies, interests, and relationships have a sense of relevance and independence that contributes to their overall health.

Home care is good for families.

Compassionate, reliable home care gives seniors and their families invaluable peace of mind and allows them to focus on enjoying each other’s company and creating memories.

One of the greatest benefits of home care is the broad range of services that are available to senior adults, depending on their level of need. In-home caregiving services are an excellent way to support the independence of adults who would benefit from help with light housework, as well as those who require more advanced assistance with personal care, grooming, and feeding.

All too often, families wait for a crisis before they begin discussing a plan of care for their senior loved one. The needs of aging adults are sure to change over time, so it’s never too early to research home care services.

Is home care right for my senior adult?

Regardless of your family’s level of need, in-home care can offer older adults the assistance they need to carry on fulfilling lives in the comfort of their own homes.

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