As Wellness month concludes, it is time to look at our physical health and find ways to help improve our physical wellness.

From exercising and eating healthily to unwinding, there are a lot of simple activities you can do to keep a fit body and a sound mind.

There are many ways to make small changes to your physical wellness.  Here are four examples of what physical wellness looks like: getting your body moving through physical activity, choosing to eat healthy and balanced meals, making rest a priority, including a good night’s sleep, and making good choices regarding alcohol use, regular check-ups, etc.

Walking and doing household chores are two of the simplest yet most effective ways to break a sweat at home.  Clearly, do not do anything that could put your safety in jeopardy, but vacuuming, washing dishes and doing laundry are great ways to mov your body and specifically your joints.

Nutrition and physical wellness go hand in hand, so now is a great time to maybe add a new vegetable to your standard menus or find a way to enjoy a lighter version of your favorite snack.  Small changes tend to snowball into bigger ones and feeling better will make you want to do more.

Sleep is crucial to your physical wellness.  A night of solid, restful sleep helps keep all the systems in your body operating at its optimal level.  Create a bedtime routine and stick to it. This will help your body read the cues that it’s time to sleep.

Finally, and this can be a hard one, try to limit your physical vices.  If you smoke, quitting will make your heart, lungs and family so happy.  We all know the risks, so trying to quit is a good idea for everyone’s wellness.  It is also a great idea to cut back on alcohol and treats.  Empty calories do nothing for your physical wellness.

This month, by looking at wellness, we learned more about our mental health, healthy routine managing stress and physical health.  Adding some of these ideas to your life can make your life happier and healthier.

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